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Gina's formal qualifications - Response to Daphne Kirk

Dear Daphne Kirk,
In response to your email, regarding your desire to make statements about Gina Ford's lack of formal qualifications: We can confirm that Gina has no objection to you making clear, to those who are interested, that her expertise and success in her field has been solely based on 20 years of practical childcare experience, caring for over 300 babies. Indeed, during the time that Gina Ford worked as a maternity nurse, no formal training was available to become a maternity nurse, and Gina has always made it very apparent in interviews with the media that it was her years of experience that led to her success in childcare.
As you will see from the various links below it is already public knowledge as to how Gina Ford gained her experience in childcare, but should you wish further information we will be more than happy to send you a media pack with copies of interviews Gina Ford has done over the last few years.
We thank you for taking such an interest in Gina Ford's work and should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us again.
The Team


BBC News


  • "Gina Ford is a British writer on parenting methods and a former maternity nurse, without formal qualifications, who has helped to care for over 300 babies during her career"

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