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Sleeping Features

Daytime Sleep

  • The difference ten minutes can make by Laura Simmons: Laura explains how she came to realise that a mere ten-minute nap could make all the difference to her toddler's sleep pattern.
  • Top Tips for Daytime sleep: as for many parents getting this right is the key to better sleep at night.
  • The Lunchtime Nap by Gina Ford: Gina discusses the importance of the lunchtime nap, and provides a checklist to read through when it goes wrong.

Night Time Sleep

  • The Magic of a Magic Light! By Linda Russell: Linda gives us some much-needed advice on how to deal with early-morning waking
  • How to avoid excessive night waking by Gina Ford: Gina offers her advice on how to avoid those dreaded night wakings.
  • The Importance of Establishing a Good Bedtime Routine By Linda Russell, Norland NNEB, HPST, RSH: Linda is the managing director of the Parent Coaching Studio, advising parents on Feeding, Sleeping and Development issues. She has over 20 years experience in professional childcare and in this article she shares her extensive expertise in sleeping issues.


  • Top Tips - Good basic good sleep practice: One common problem for new mothers who haven't got their baby established in a routine is lack of sleep, and my Top Tips look at good basic sleep practice. I hope that running through the basics will help ensure you're doing all you can to help your baby to sleep really well.
  • Sleep - The Final Frontier by Briony Jenkins: Briony, who is a freelance writer specialising in pregnancy and parenting, looks at the possible causes of poor night time sleep and considers the last resort solution of sleep training. This method may need to be considered when sleep deprivation is affecting the health of either baby or mother, and it can be extremely effective in certain circumstances.
  • Encouraging Good Sleep Habits in Young Babies by Dr Luci Wiggs: Luci is a chartered psychologist who has been involved with clinical research into sleep. In this article she discusses what sleep is, and the importance of encouraging good sleep patterns in new babies.
  • What Every Parent Should Know about Cot Death by Sarah Purcell: Sarah gives us some simple, vital steps we should all follow to ensure our babies are safe in their sleep.
  • Controlled Crying helps Babies, Moms get some sleep - an excerpt by Reuters Health : A very interesting read from the British Medical Journal, about controlled crying and its benefits.
  • Updated Q&A - October 2008

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