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Understanding The CLB Routines

The CLB routines are designed to help parents with every aspect of their baby's day and night.  They can support you through the challenges of being a parent, and help you to raise a contented baby.  The routines are adapted for each stage of your baby's early years, and you will learn how to recognise when your baby is ready to move on, and how to introduce the necessary changes.

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The routine of 15 Contented Little Babies

People who haven't read any of Gina Ford's books often assume that she suggests strict four-hourly routines that are set in stone with no flexibility. In fact, the routines are guidelines and can be adapted to each individual child as he or she grows and changes. The routines below show just how different Contented Little Babies can be!


Extracts From The Contented Little Baby Book

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Testimonials from happy parents of Contented Babies

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