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6th March 2012

Contented Mothers Guide The article that has run today suggesting that Gina Ford has given advice on when women should have sex after childbirth is incorrect.

Gina Ford, who has extensive years of experience dealing with families, states in her book 'The Contented Mother's Guide' that it can take up to a year to re-establish full sexual relations and that communication and affection are the most important thing.

The quotes which have been taken from the book are from mothers giving personal and varied accounts based on their own experiences.

Taken from her book... Gina says: I agree with the mums that patience and communications are key. Even the happiest marriages can take a knock in the bedroom after the arrival of a baby. But avoiding the subject of sex is the worst thing you can do. Instead, share your worries with your partner. This will help manage expectations and relieve any pressure to get back in the saddle before you're both ready. Arm yourself withpost-birth essentials, such as lubricant and massage oil, and take things slowly. Keep talking, flirting and cuddling, but sex can take up to year to get back on track. The most important thing is that you remain intimate and close until it does.

Gina's working life is devoted to helping mothers. 'The Contented Mother's Guide' is packed with indispensable and practical tips from the members of It includes suggestions re travelling with a young baby for the first time, returning to work, childcare, relationships with partner, family and friends and much more.

Click here for full extract from The Contented Mother's Guide - Your sex life ... what sex life !?

Also in regards to the comment on 'Controlled Crying'

The success of Gina Ford's books lies in establishing routines to suit the individual needs of babies. Nowhere in any of Gina's books does she say that young babies should be left to cry for lengthy periods of time to get themselves to sleep. She does advise that some over-tired babies might fight sleep, and should be allowed a few minutes of crying down to settle. Gina advises that a young baby should never be left for any longer than this before he or she is checked again. She also believes that a baby should never be left crying for even 2-3 minutes if there is any doubt that he could be hungry or need winding.

The "crying to sleep" that some critics refer to is a method that she recommends to use with older babies who have reached six months or a year and are waking several times a night because they have learnt the wrong sleep associations, brought on by demand feeding or being rocked to sleep. In these instances, she recommends a form of sleep training that has been devised and recommended by child sleep experts, paediatricians and Health Visitors for many years.

The aim of The Contented Little Baby routines is to ensure that from the very beginning the baby's needs are being met so that he does not need to cry for any length of time. The guidelines Gina gives is to help a new mother understand the different reason why a baby may cry. If a baby is in a routine that meets his individual needs from an early age, the mother will quickly learn to understand and hence anticipate his needs. Hundreds of thousands of parents have found that this results in their babies crying very seldom, if at all.

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