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A Home of Your Own - Creating Interiors with Character by Sally Coulthard

It isn't always easy to pinpoint what it is that makes certain homes feel full of character, but we know instantly when a house has that elusive quality that makes it feel quirky and interesting rather than boring and bland. In A Home of Your Own, Sally Coulthard explores how you can bring a sense of your own individuality to your living space, and discusses how this makes a crucial difference between a house and a home.

A Home of Your Own begins by explaining that it is our own personalities that make our homes feel individual; a house which is too show home perfect won't exude the sense of warmth and happiness that we feel the moment we walk into a home with character. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different aspect of interior decoration looking at how they can be used to good effect in the home, and the beautiful images show how personal touches can make all the difference to your environment. It's interesting to note as you flick through the pictures that some images will appeal to you far more than others, and this is a good starting point for helping to ascertain the touches that would reflect your own personality in your home.

A very styled house where modern technology takes centre stage may look like a modernist dream, abut can leave your home lacking in personality. This book shows how to mix old and new to good effect, perhaps making the most of the worn surfaces and textures of the existing period features in your home, or adding some antique, vintage or retro furnishings to showcase your own unique style.

Sally Coulthard explains that the small touches that can make all the difference; adding a salvaged item or a piece of artwork, carefully matching colours and fabrics or buying a bespoke item of furniture can all give a unique feel. Family connections are also important here; a handed-down piece of furniture, a family portrait or displaying your children's artwork can make your home feel more welcoming. Plants, flowers and even scents can make a difference to the instant feel that people get when they come into your house.

If there is perhaps one key message from A Home of Your Own it's that opting for a perfect show home style or following the latest design trends too slavishly will only lead to a bland home that can quickly look out of date. Having the confidence to create a space that reflects your own personality will give you a home that is truly your own.

About the author

Sally Coulthard is a writer and property restorer. Her work has appeared in national newspapers and magazines, and her books include Shed Chic (2009) and Gardenalia (2012)

A Home of Your Own is published by Merrell at £24.95

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