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Motherhood Books

The Contented Baby Goes to School

How to prepare your child emotionally for starting nursery or pre-school

It is important to do all that you can to ensure that your child feels happy at the prospect of starting nursery, rather than anxious or concerned. There are some simple steps you can take to try to help the early days run as smoothly as possible. Much of it is to do with communicating clearly with your child about what is going to happen and when. Of course, this can be difficult with a younger child who may not entirely understand everything that you might want to tell him, but you can adjust your explanation to his understanding.

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The Contented Mother’s Guide

Becoming a mum is an exciting journey, with new rewards and responsibilities. But while new mothers focus their energies on the needs of their growing baby, it's easy to neglect their own needs. Working with the community of mothers on the Contented Baby website, The Contented Mother's Guide is packed with invaluable advice on being a fulfilled mum.

This one-stop guide covers all the essential issues of motherhood to help mums make the best choices and fully embrace their maternal role.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Happiness, health and fitness
  • Relationships with friends, family and your partner
  • Outings and holidays with your new baby
  • Returning to work or becoming a full-time mum
  • Whether to extend your family further

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Good Mother Bad Mother

Gina turns her attention to how motherhood has dramatically changed over the last 40 years. The personal experiences of real women are woven throughout the book that Gina hopes will provide comfort and support and show women they are not alone in their doubts and fears. And for the first time, in a candid, personal account, Gina interweaves stories from her own childhood, revealing how her relationship with her own mother has shaped the choices she has made.

"an insightful and compassionate read"
Modern Mum on Good Mother Bad Mother

"a reassuring read... will help any uncertain mum to detach herself from today's many pressures to be the perfect mother"
Pregnancy Baby and You

Published by Vermilion
Released 4 May 2006

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