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National Infertility Awareness Week

Once you are a parent, you may wonder why you should be interested in infertility - but you may be surprised to discover that one in ten parents will have difficulty conceiving when they try for another child. This is known as secondary infertility, and can occur as a result of a condition which has developed since an earlier pregnancy, as a result of problems during delivery or may be just down to age. Sometimes there's no reason that anyone can discover for a couple not to be able to have another child.

This year, the UK will be marking the first ever National Infertility Awareness Week running from October 28 to November 2, aiming to raise understanding about infertility by highlighting the impact it has on people's lives and to get people talking about it. There's also a focus on encouraging people to think about their own fertility, the time it can take to conceive and the help available when natural conception isn't an option.

There are a range of events organised to mark the week across the UK, highlighting in The Fertility Show at Olympia on November 2 and 3 which offers a fabulous opportunity to hear leading experts from around the world give their views and advice. There are also a number of new fertility support groups will be launching - including one aimed just at those who are already parents but are having problems conceiving again.

For anyone who has had a child after fertility problems, there's even an opportunity to win a book written just for parents and parents-to-be who took time to conceive.

So whether it's finding the help and support that you need yourself, or learning more about what it's like for those who can't get pregnant when they want to, National Infertility Awareness Week may have more to offer than you think.


ACeBabes - advice and support for parents who had their children after fertility problems

Precious Babies - blog for parents who've had fertility problems

Infertility Network UK - national charity for anyone experiencing infertility


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