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National No Smoking Day March 13 - Swap Fags for Swag

Did you know that if you're a twenty a day smoker, you could save enough money to pay for a luxury cruise by giving up for a year? And even if you're an occasional smoker getting through an average of just a couple of cigarettes a day, you'd have enough extra cash to buy a sound system a year after quitting?

Giving up smoking can be difficult, but for parents there's the added incentive of knowing that smoking around your children can affect their health too. More and more parents who do smoke only do so outside the house, or when their children aren't around - but even if you don't smoke much, giving up will have benefits for your health and your wallet.

March 13 is National No Smoking Day and it helps give a focus for giving up to many smokers. This year's theme is 'Swap Fags for Swag' and the National No Smoking Day website has a special calculator where you can tap in the number of cigarettes you smoke to work out what you could buy if you gave up for a month or a year.

Whether you'd like to finally give up smoking entirely yourself, or have a family member, colleague or friend you'd like to encourage to stop, the National No Smoking Day campaign can provide you with lots of useful tips and advice.

There's a really interesting chart which shows how quickly your health improves when you give up smoking - some benefits begin just hours after stopping smoking while others take up to 15 years, showing just what an impact giving up can have on your future health. Smoking is the main cause of avoidable premature death in the UK, and the sooner you stop, the better the outlook for the future.

The No Smoking Day campaign even has a forum where you can gain support and inspiration from others who are giving up smoking at the same time, or you can sign up for an email buddy to give you some help along the way.
There's lots of information on the website about smoking and how it affects your body, as well as an alarming list of some of the 4,000 different chemicals that are found in cigarettes from arsenic and ammonia to cyanide and formaldehyde, along with the nicotine and tar that you'd expect.

Some smokers find that complementary therapies such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy can help them quit smoking, and there's local help and support available across the UK from the Stop Smoking Services.

No Smoking Day on March 13 is the ideal opportunity to take the plunge and free yourself from smoking - and whether it's yourself, a friend or family member who needs help, you will find inspiration and ideas at


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