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To The Times Newspaper


In response to your request for my views on some of the recommendations made by Oliver James in his latest book.  I should point out that I have not read this particular book and am therefore not in the position to comment about it.

With regards to my views on the naughty step and strict routines for young babies, in my book The Contented Toddler Years, and the article below, I make it clear that the naughty step is a form of discipline that should be used with caution, and that the word "naughty" should be avoided when dealing with a child who is misbehaving. In my view the "naughty step" is tantamount to public humiliation for young children.

I am equally as opposed to strict routines for young babies, which is the reason I wrote The New Contented Little Baby Book.  My book was the first book to move away from the old fashioned strict four-hourly feeding and sleeping routines, which restricted feeds for young babies in the night.  In The New Contented Little Baby Book, I give eight routines for the first year, to ensure that the baby's ever changing needs are being met.  Within each routine I also give advice on how parents can adapt the routines to meet the individual needs of their baby.  Because parents who follow my routines learn how to understand and meet the needs of their babies very quickly, crying is indeed a rarity.

Gina Ford Routines

The Naughty Step - Its use and the alternatives

Penelope Leach - Crying Babies

The fact that The New Contented Little Baby Book continues to be the number one best selling childcare book in the UK, is proof that more and more parents realise that following a flexible routine results in secure, calm contented babies and happy productive children.

Gina Ford
23rd May 2010

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