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Oliver James - Clarification


Dear Oliver James,

We are rather bewildered by your reply to our earlier letter, and to your reference to picking a fight; we are simply seeking clarification, rather than confrontation.

But, the fact remains, that the promotion of your latest book makes clear your belief that strict routines damage babies and that you have scientific evidence to support such claims. Whether it be your intention or not, both The Times and The Telegraph have concluded that this reference to strict routines is directed at Gina Ford and her methods - and this criticism is now circulating on the Internet, with damaging effect.

We would, therefore, ask you once again to clarify whose, or to which, routines you are referring when you describe the damage that can be done to children, along with the details of the research in support of such claims. To simply refer us to a page in a book that is not yet available on the High Street, and which, at £17.99, is unlikely to be on many family shopping lists, is totally unacceptable. The confusion across the Internet is arising now, and we are already having to field questions from both the media and concerned parents, who are being put through quite needless anxiety on the back of your allegations.

Our questions to you are straightforward and, as we are confident you will have thoroughly investigated the premise of your book, we assume that it should be equally straightforward for you to provide us with the answers we are seeking.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

The Contented Team
24th May 2010


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