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The Contented Baby with Toddler Book

'Gina Ford is the Delia Smith of parenting...while Delia tells you how to make the perfect omelette, Gina tells you how to nurture the perfectly happy baby' - You magazine

Bestselling childcare author Gina Ford published a new book in July 2009: The Contented Baby with Toddler Book (£10.99 pbk).

CBLife with toddlers can be demanding. Suddenly, the contented little baby has gone, to be replaced by, the often unpredictable and opinionated, toddler. And then before you know it you have a new baby to cope with as well. For followers of CLB and new fans, Gina now has the answer for this particularly challenging time for parents in this new book. Containing unique routines for parents trying to juggle the demands of a lively toddler with the very different needs of a new baby as well as a winning combination of practical tips, sanguine advice and suggested ways to structure your day, it is a godsend to all parents expecting their second child.

July 2009 also marked the 10th Anniversary of Gina Ford's original parenting bible The New Contented Little Baby Book which has sold well over half a million copies.

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