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Feeding Made Easy

In Feeding Made Easy, Gina tackles one of the most problematic areas of parenting: how to give children a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet without mealtimes becoming a battleground. Her one-stop feeding guide is a parent's lifesaver offering delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes for the whole family as well as rotating menu planners and shopping lists that enable time-strapped mums and dads to shop for and plan a month's menus in advance. Gina covers food for every occasion from quick and easy light meals such as sticky chicken thighs and homemade lamb burgers to mouth-watering twists on family favourites and healthy takes on fast food and after-school snacks, such as pizza, and carrot and pear honey muffins.

She also offers invaluable advice on how to promote healthy eating, such as getting children involved in the choosing and preparation of food; how to tempt fussy eaters to expand their diet; and what to do when eating out.

What You'll Find Inside

In Feeding Made Easy, Gina starts at the beginning of the chain of events which culminates in happy family meals: shopping. Covering the major food groups, she looks at how to make the best choices - what to look for, what to choose and what to avoid.

The chapter on healthy eating covers a range of subjects, including how to develop healthy eating habits, the pitfalls of processed foods, information on antioxidants, essential fatty acids, boosting the immune system, food allergy and intolerance, healthy drinks, feeding vegetarian children and feeding during illness.

To help create contented family mealtimes, Gina provides lots of great ideas to brighten up breakfast time, create super snacks, salads and soups as well as sensible advice on how to cope with food fussiness.

Allowing children to cook with you is a wonderful way to encourage and develop an appreciation of good food, and Gina explains how to maximise this great opportunity, as well as discussing the huge benefits of eating together as a family.

In the chapter on eating out, Gina suggests ways to ensure your family enjoys a contented occasion whether you are on a journey, in a restaurant, on a picnic or packing lunchboxes.

The second part of Feeding Made Easy is devoted to over 60 recipes, covering light meals, main meals, snacks, baking and desserts. The unique feature of this book is the provision not only of menu plans covering a four-week period, but also of comprehensive shopping lists, allowing you to choose and shop for a week's meals with the greatest ease. All the recipes are uncomplicated and delicious and will be enjoyed by all ages.

In addition there is a helpful section containing case studies and questions and answers dealing with feeding and nutrition issues.

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Feeding Made Easy
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