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Good Mother Bad Mother

In her latest book, Good Mother Bad Mother, leading baby and childcare expert, Gina Ford, addresses the controversial debate What makes a good mother?, encompassing wide-reaching issues that concern not just mothers, but health professionals, employers and governments.

In her book, she turns her attention to how motherhood has dramatically changed over the last 40 years. Having a child has now become a lifestyle choice. Choosing to sacrifice freedom, time and money in order to become a parent has made the desire to get it right more acute than ever.

At the same time, mothers today receive relentless pressure, bombarded by a wealth of information on the do’s and don’ts of raising a child. Faced with endless choices - breast or bottle? work or stay at home? routine or feeding on demand? - the responsibility can often be overwhelming, with the need for reassurance that they are doing the best for their child.

Gina has spoken to hundreds of women, in person and via her website, during the research for the book. She relays the many different candid views of mothers and the choices they have made: those struggling alone with new babies; those who have given up a career and are enjoying their new role as a full-time mum; mothers under pressure to breast feed; single mothers forced back into the workplace; women riddled with guilt about leaving their children in nurseries and having to juggle a career; the positive effect having a baby has had on the relationship with their own mothers.

A woman’s relationship with her mother affects her whole life, but especially how she mothers her own children and how she feels about it. Gina looks at the complex relationship between mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, mothers and mothers-in-law. Stories of best-friend mothers run alongside tales of rejection and bitterness.

The personal experiences of real women, the all too often unheard voices of mothers, are woven throughout the book. Gina looks at the mothers of the past, the present and what motherhood may hold in the future. For the first time, she talks of her own experiences with her mother and the other mother figures in her life. With humour and insight, she shares aspects of her own unique story of the maternity nurse from the Scottish Borders who became a household name and modern-day phenomenon in the world of baby care.

In her quest to examine the meaning of motherhood today, Gina hopes to provide comfort and support and show women they are not alone in their doubts and fears.
She concludes there is no such thing as a good or bad mother there are simply many different ways to be a mother.

Gina calls on mothers to accept these differences and at the same time stand united and be supportive of each other instead of competing and arguing over the minor issues. She urges mothers today to work together to put pressure on the government, the media and employers to improve the lives of mothers and children everywhere.

Good Mother Bad Mother is an intelligent and compassionate examination of modern motherhood in Britain by one of today’s most experienced and valued childcare experts.


  • The Daily Mail, 20th April 2006. Click here for the on-line copy of the article with reader comments.



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