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The Contented Child's Food Bible

The Complete Guide to Feeding 0-6 year olds
Gina Ford & Paul Sacher
Written with the co-operation of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

The diet of the nation's children is perhaps the most critical health issue of our times. Today 20% of UK children are overweight, as many as 10% are obese, and the numbers are rising. If this trend is not reversed, today's chubby children risk the premature onset of life-threatening illnesses during adulthood. Many will not outlive their parents.

While most parents understand that establishing a healthy eating pattern from birth will give their offspring a great start in life, applying this principle to their own individual child is not always easy. Information picked up through the media often conflicts and confuses, leaving parents unsure of what really is best for their child.

What You'll Find Inside

THE CONTENTED CHILD'S FOOD BIBLE will help put an end to parental uncertainty. Written by bestselling childcare expert Gina Ford and Paul Sacher, a leading Paediatric Dietitian at Great Ormond Street Hospital, it is an accessible and practical guide to all aspects of feeding children from birth to six years old.

Comprehensive in its scope, THE CONTENTED CHILD'S FOOD BIBLE covers all the feeding issues that parents must grapple with daily; from a thorough explanation of food groups, essential nutrients and how to create healthy, balanced meals, to advice on diet during pregnancy, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and weaning.

Ford and Sacher guide parents step-by-step through the early years, giving them precise information on their child's changing needs, and arming them with strategies for coping with problems such as teething, dealing with a fussy eater or coping with allergies. They include questions and answers to help illustrate a range of common queries:

  • Which is best, cow's milk or follow-on formula?
  • How can I tell if my baby is getting enough breastmilk?
  • How can I reduce salt levels in my child's diet?
  • How can I be sure my child is drinking enough fluid?

THE CONTENTED CHILD'S FOOD BIBLE also looks in-depth at some of the topical issues surrounding diet and health today. Ford and Sacher give parents the low-down on matters of concern such as:

  • Organic food
  • GM food
  • Food labelling and additives
  • Commercial versus home-made baby foods

There is advice for those whose children have to follow a special diet such as a vegetarian, vegan or weight-loss diet, and a section devoted to nutrition-related medical problems like colic, constipation, anaemia, obesity and food intolerance. Throughout the book Paul Sacher includes his nutritional 'top tips', while Gina Ford contributes real life case studies showing how, when things went wrong, parents were able to get their child back on track, following her advice.

Clearly organised by age group and packed full of valuable guidance, THE CONTENTED CHILD'S FOOD BIBLE contains all the help a parent needs to get their child eating right for life.


Frequently Asked Questions on Feeding answered by Paul Sacher

Please click here to visit the Questions and Answers from Paul Sacher.


About Paul Sacher

Paul Sacher BSc (Med) Hons SRD is a highly qualified and experienced Paediatric Nutrition Consultant, and works as a specialist dietitian at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust. He has studied and worked on three different continents, where he has developed a unique, integrated clinical style. He acts as a consultant on nutritional matters to authors, as well as being a regular contributor to various publications. He also lectures regularly to large groups of doctors, nurses, dietitians and other healthcare professionals and students. Paul's approach to nutrition and health is highly successful and has been developed over many years of treating children with nutritional and feeding problems. He is skilled at translating the science of medicine, nutrition and health into easily understandable and practical advice for parents and children.


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The Contented Child's Food Bible
The Complete Guide to Feeding 0-6 year olds
Gina Ford & Paul Sacher

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