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Praise  for Clare Byam-Cook from Mothers of Contented Babies

Many thanks to Abigail for recommending the DVD "Breastfeeding

Many thanks to Abigail for recommending the DVD "Breastfeeding without tears" by Clare Byam Cook. I was a bit unsure about buying it because I didn't know if I was even going to breastfeed but in the end that is the reason why I got it - to help me decide - and I am very glad I did. It is excellent.

I feel completely informed now about making the decision and it really does give you so much confidence about how to do things. I breastfed for one month last time, things went well and straightforward and I never experienced any pain. I stopped because I was physically exhausted from blood loss during delivery.

However, having watched the DVD I can see some areas where I was going wrong and that would have helped had I known about them at the time. I was surprised about the depth she goes into things and is all excellent stuff and feel really confident about giving it another go this time round even if just for the first few weeks.

Her tips about shaping the breast and properly latching on are just great as is her advice about using pillows to support the baby until you get things really established.

Also found the case study with the woman who had a c section and whose baby wouldn't latch (but they got there in the end!) on really helpful.


Watching the DVD when I was pregnant with Harry gave me so much more confidence, and by ensuring that he was put to my breast the instant he popped out, following CLB guide for feeding every 3 hrs (little an often) and Clare's technique, he didn't even lose any birth weight, but gained 5oz in 4 days and my milk came in in less than 48hrs.


I wish I'd known about the Clare Byam Cook DVD before I had my son (aged 13 weeks). She really seems to know what she is on about. Some of what she says varies quite a bit from the CBB, but mostly it seems to fit in well with the routines, and I found her advice easy to use. Her definition of demand feeding really made me think, too. I wish her and Gina Ford would collaborate on a book or DVD together.

Over Christmas and New Year when there was no one around to weigh my son, he went down the centiles a bit. By putting him on the CBB 2-4 week routine, he has gained weight at the normal rate even with a cold. I am now 10 days on from receiving my DVD, and he seems to be happier, and I will be interested to see what he weighs at his next check up this coming Monday (6th Feb). I don't think he is exactly fading away(!)


Hi, Clare came to my anti-natal group and gave us a talk and I found her advice invaluable, I breast fed my baby really easily. Other friends of mine had a terrible time and actually called Clare who came round to their houses and all of them managed to feed very well.


I found the first DVD she did very useful, and my LO put on weight better after I'd watched it. I found feeding him much easier and more comfortable too.


I need to join the crowd and thank Clare B-C for her invaluable book and DVD- although I got the DVD only after I experienced the entire catalogue of problems in her book including mastitis, when I had low milk supply and thrush because of it it helped me getting help soon and the magic protocol in page 52-53 and Abigail's advice (I have not thanked her personally yet!) put me back on truck on what looked like the end of b/f for me!

Thanks and again thanks

PS I really and truly wonder why they don't use Clare's DVD for antenatal classes- instead of attempting to make their own home-made version!


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