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Thank you letters from happy parents of Contented Babies...

I started the routine with my daughter (who is now 20 months old) when she was 2 months old (I wish I bought the book sooner) and I’ve never had a problem with her feeding or sleeping. It was the most valuable information I have been grateful to get hold of.

My daughter has slept through the night since she was 3 months old (she was born a month early) but as soon as she was taking enough milk during the day, I knew she shouldn’t be waking in the middle of night from hunger, so we allowed her to settle herself to sleep which took a couple of nights and we’ve never had a problem since; she only wakes us if she is ill or too hot/cold. She also goes to bed with no fuss too. My sisters (who have grown-up children) think I was blessed with a lucky baby but I know it was down to technique. She loves her routines (and I still adapted them to suit us both and allowed for flexibility).

For every new mum I know expecting a baby, I buy them a copy of the book along with a baby present; even if they don’t want to follow the routines, there’s plenty of other tips in the book to help when the baby comes home. Most have thanked me though and also found the routines and advice invaluable.

So, this message is just to add to the support of your good work from lots of mothers I know, who have read and followed the book with successful outcomes.

I am now expecting my second baby any day and I have re-read the book and hope to put it onto a routine as soon as possible this time.

A big thank you from me as I doubt I wouldn’t have had such a contented little baby without your help.

I am the mother of two and a half year old twins boys. They are perfect contented little "babies" and have been since they were heavy enough to start on the "Contented Baby Book" Routines. Being born 5 weeks early (3lbs and 5lbs respectively at birth), they were hard work, spending over 2 weeks in special care because they were too small and couldn't maintain their body temperatures. The first day I took them home from the hospital was the happiest and the scariest of my entire life. I had been recommended the Contented Baby book by my best friend who had used it on her son and seeing the results, I was determined to follow Gina's routines with my little ones. The first few weeks were hard-going. As a first time mum, I didn't know if they were eating enough etc and I couldn't follow the routine yet because the twins were still not at the recommended 7lbs. However, even at this time, Gina's book was useful because I used to breastfeed and bottle feed (with expressed milk) and at least I knew from the book how much to feed the twins based on their weight (No other book, doctor, health visitor, nurse or midwife could tell me how much my baby needed!). Before long my boys were at the right sort of weight and I started them on a routine.

Thankfully I could afford an au pair so I managed to stick to the routine (to the minute!) and within 8 weeks of doing this, they were sleeping right through between 7am and 7pm.

I remember the Health Visitor coming in for one of her visits. After seeing Gina's book on the coffee table she gave me a lecture. It was clear from her language that she was vehemently opposed to the routines laid out in the book and told me that I was deluded if I thought the routine was going to help me cope with the babies (and get over my post-natal depression for which I was on medication and had to go for regular visits to the GP for monitoring). However, I persevered and if not for the routine, I know I my post-natal depression would have been a lot worse because I would have had the baby blues and been deprived of sleep myself. Once the twins were sleeping through the night, I was able to get more sleep myself and could face the next day so much better.

Touch wood, I have never had a problem with my boys’ sleeping and weaning them was a dream because I used Gina's book on weaning as well (and followed this to the letter too!). They are good eaters (most of the time) and potty training did indeed take a week (Thanks to Gina's books again!).

I have read some articles criticizing Gina's methods and all I can say to that is: I think, in order to be happy and confident, children need structure and routine from an early age. To some people, Gina's methods do seem prescriptive but they have a purpose (and a common sense one to that). I think that as parents, we too need to be structured and Gina's routines give you that.

My twins have just started nursery at a Pre-prep 3 days ago and I have met mothers who didn't follow the Contented Baby Book and still have their kids sleeping with them, waking up at odd times and in the middle of the night etc. I can smile proudly and say I have never had that problem since my twins were 4 months old (and some of these mothers only have one child!).

I just wanted to write this to share with others that you can do the Contented Baby routine with twins and it works!
Thank you so much Gina Ford. You and your books are truly heaven sent


I want to thank you Gina for the Contented Little Baby routine. I have also thanked my dear friend that recommended it to me. I am from the UK but live in Perth Western Australia. My son is 7 months old today and is the most beautiful living creature in our lives.

When he was born we had my mother over from the UK and then my brother, followed by my sister and her children. Basically we had back to back visitors (living in our house) for 4 months. My son was 7 weeks and 2 days old when my husband and I had our home to ourselves. It was wonderful to see my family but hard with our first newborn baby

From 3 weeks we followed your routine and techniques ... literally by the book. We heard comments like "I can't believe you're waking a sleeping baby" and "you don't need to be so rigid" and "his routine will change". I was paranoid about looking after my baby in front of other people because of the negative looks and comments.

Well, now the people that made those comments have change their tune. From 11 weeks he didn't wake up after his 10.30pm feed and has slept through from 7pm to 7am from a very early age [I can't remember the actual age]. He is happy and a joy to be with. Only yesterday he stayed at a friends house, as I had to go to work, and I gave her the details of his routine. When I collected him she said she was amazed that he did everything exactly as I explained; she said: “you could set your watch by him!”

All the other mums at my mums group are still getting up in the night to feed their little ones and my baby is a month younger than the others. They quite regularly jump for joy when they can say that their son/daughter slept through once that week. They have also said that they will be referring to your routine for number 2!

My husband and I have spent nearly every evening together in peace since our baby was 7-8 weeks old. We do not gloat to anyone or say: "I told you so". People are realising on their own that we made the right move.

My mum constantly tells me how she keeps telling everyone in the UK how good our baby is and that at first she couldn't believe that we were using a book! But after seeing the results she thinks it's the most wonderful thing ever.

I could go on and on about how wonderful the routine is but I can't type for that amount of time.

My husband and I are able to enjoy ourselves as husband and wife and he looks forward to getting home to see his happy beautiful son. We relish in his morning smiles and just love him to bits.


I want to say how thankful I am that I have found the CLB book. I was diagnosed with severe Post Natal Depression when Matilda was 2 weeks old. I felt out of control and Matilda cried for hours on end. I had no structure to my day and seemed to lurch from one crisis to another with me never finding the solution to her crying. After speaking to my GP and getting help for my PND I found the CLB book. Please don't think I am being too gushing but it has totally changed the way I look after Matilda. She slotted into the routines which are logically and clearly explained. She has structured nap and feeding times and is generally a contented baby (well give or take the odd day!) The routine has given me sanity and structure to my day, the lack of which was a contributing factor to my PND. Matilda now regularly sleeps 7-7. We have recently started weaning with the help of Gina's weaning guide. I really don't know how I would have survived without it! Although Gina's routines seem to be a swear word with Health visitors I could not do without them! How can ensuring a baby has enough food and sleep be a bad thing? It is very interesting to see the other ladies I know turning up their noses at the routine when I started, now buying their own copies of the book! I have just ordered Gina's new cook book and am looking forward to creating some culinary masterpieces for Matilda! I want to offer my sincere thanks for the help Gina’s books have given me!


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Whilst pregnant with my second Daughter Macey, I read about the contented little baby book in Junior magazine and decided to give it a whirl. So from day 1 of Macey's return home from Hospital we put her into Gina's routine and have never looked back. She has followed all of the routines to the dot, gone down at 7pm every night, dropped her 2-3am feed at 4 weeks and on Saturday, day 4 of weaning she slept right through from 7pm till 7am!

Everyone comments on Macey and what an unbelievably happy and contented baby she is, on a recent trip to Florida one man on the flight asked me if my baby was real! I recommend Gina's book to everyone who asks how I have managed to get Macey into such a successful routine and several of my friends are now following the routine themselves.

Thank you Gina for your books and the enjoyment and confidence they have given us with Macey.


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Dear Gina
I am writing to thank you. I was told about your book when I was pregnant with my first baby. I kept reading about pregnancy and chid birth but nothing on how to cope afterwards, which worried me the most. When I read contented baby it made perfect sense to me.

My daughter was born in June 03 and I had my son just last November 04.They have been on the routines since day1,and both sleeping through at 8 weeks. We have two very contented babies abd we are well rested contented parents, who can still enjoy our evenings together and get our sleep at night,which was so important to us.I don't know how I would have coped with my first and then having another so close together. Thank you Thank you

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Thank you so much for writing 'The Contented Little Baby Book'. It is a life saver and my husband and I will be eternally grateful. it is undoubtedly the best baby book around and the best money I have ever spent. We have two boys, now aged 4 ½ years and 16 months. I didn't know about your book when I had my first son and unfortunately he has never been a good sleeper and is still and early riser. I was determined not to go through the same thing again with my second son and luckily a friend recommended your book.

Our second son quite often managed to sleep for 3 or 4 hours at a time from the start and only woke once or twice during the night. However, it became increasingly difficult to settle him back to sleep and he would then be awake for two hours following his night feeds. As I was feeding him every 2 hours this eventually meant he was awake for most of the night, either feeding or crying and screaming. Then came salvation with your book and the results for me were immediate. Neither of my children would sleep for any length of time on their backs but by using the swaddling technique, my son then slept for 3 hours straight on his back and in his cot rather than in someone's arms! Also, within 24 hours I went from feeding him 2-hourly to feeding every 4 hours. After that I could not put the book down and as you can tell I am positively evangelical about this book. I have recommended it to many people and the ones that have followed it, love it too. I have read this book from cover to cover several times and tell every pregnant woman I meet about it! As one friend put it, you have written a manual on what to do with babies.

Also, your advice on weaning was invaluable. My son now has a healthy appetite and generally he eats more than his older brother. I can see now that the haphazard way in which we weaned our first son has resulted in him being a very fussy eater and some of our methods to coax him into eating have in fact made things worse. However, I am confident that one day he will eat fresh fruit again.

Both my children have eczema, which is a constant battle to try to control but I believe that my younger son's condition would be a lot worse if he was not sleeping and eating properly. My first son has grown out of most of it and hopefully our second will too.

I was so happy with "The Contented Little Baby Book" that I also bought your next book "From Contented Baby to Confident Child". This book is also fantastic and I'm looking forward to putting into practice your advice on potty training amongst other things.

If only your books were available on the NHS or given away in Bounty Packs in hospital, there would be a lot fewer stressed-out mothers around and a lot more contented little babies.

Finally, any chance you could write a book on how to cope with the next 18 years of a child's life?

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I have been meaning to write to you for the last year, but as the mother of a 20-month-old boy, I never seem to find the time (I'm sure you understand!).

Your 'Contented Little Baby Book' was recommended to me when I was pregnant and after the initial panic at how structured it all seemed, when I read on it all seemed to make perfect sense.

My son was born in January 2003 and was in your routine as soon as I left hospital. He slept through the night from 10pm at 6 weeks old and from 7pm to 7am at 12 weeks.

Weaning was no problem and when, at 17 months, he began to get fussy about what he ate, your food bible had all the answers that I needed.

He has just started to announce to the world when he needs to go to the toilet. Other mums tell me the horrors of potty training, but I know I can be confident in your advice on potty training and I feel I can deal with it.

It is only when I speak to other mums that I realise that some seem to get in a mess through well-meant advice from health visitors and midwives, who seem only too quick to disapprove of your methods.

Without your books I do not know what I would have done. Your advice has meant that I have a fantastic, happy little boy and I actually look forward to the next challenge he may bring as I know where the answer to any problem lies!

Everyone delights in telling me how lucky I am to have such a happy child. If they are prepared to listen I tell them about your books, otherwise I just smile to myself.

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I would just like to write to express my gratitude for your book. It has been an absolute savior and my best friend since I started my little boy on your routine when he was 10 weeks old. He is nearly 9 months old now and everyone always says of him 'what a happy contented little baby'!

My husband's cousin recommended you book to me.  I only wish the midwives and health visitors would be more open-minded and do likewise.

As a new mum, I had no idea what I was doing or what to do. The first ten weeks of my son's life were very stressful for me and probably for him too. Now knowing what I learnt from your book, I only wish I had this from day one.  I constantly spread the wisdom of your book. It gave me a lot of confidence.

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Every day I could say, 'Thank you, Gina!' Our son (3 years) and daughter (8 months) are very happy and contented children. We got your ' Contented Little Baby Book' two and a half years ago from a London-based college.  Our son was five months old then and his parents were totally exhausted from feeding on demand and rocking him the whole evening until his last feeding. I will say thank you, because I am able to enjoy motherhood. I am very happy that you wrote this book.  I don't know what would have happened if we had not received your book.

My husband and I don't understand why your book is not translated in Dutch or German. As these are the languages that most of our friends and relatives speak, we feel an urge to make sure the gospel of Gina Ford is also available to desperate Dutch and German parents.

In the Netherlands, there is now a research being done with regard to babies who cry a lot. This study is being executed by the University Medical Centre in Utrecht. The idea is that routines are helping. There is now a book called 'routine and swaddling'. Although I thought the information is good, I feel the book is too limited in scope. The same is true for German books. We identified some German books that address some of the same principles that you do. Yet, these books are limited in scope as they would only deal with sleep problems and would, for instance, ignore feeding problems. We feel no German or Dutch book comes close to the excellence of your book.

Looking back at our despair, we feel almost obliged to ensure that a book like yours is translated into German or in Dutch.

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I hope you don't mind me writing to thank-you so much for the help your book 'The New Contented Little Baby Book' brought into the life of my family.

May I tell the story? My son, up to the age of 4 months, was breastfed on demand, had colic, and by the age of four months was waking almost hourly at night, and sleeping a lot of the day. As a first-time parent I had no idea how to bring a routine into our lives and I was finding it very difficult to cope.

Then my health visitor offered to come and see if she could help. My husband and I have been Christians for six years and so the day before the health visitor came, we prayed a simple prayer to Jesus and asked that He would give wisdom to the health visitor, because he knew we could not cope.

The next day the health visitor introduced your book to me. She said that the previous evening she'd been reading your book in bed, and was struck by how much 'Robert's' story was like ours. And so we set a routine according to your book. Of course you know the results: within less than a week our son was sleeping through the night and now has a beautiful 6am to 6pm routine, with no problems. He is now 18 months and I have followed the book in all the changes of his young and wonderful life. I weaned him according to "The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning" and I still include many of your recipes in his diet (in fact, I've just frozen a batch of minestrone soup!).

Anyway, I write to thank you for bringing so much help to us when we were really desperate.

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I do really want you to know that my first grandson is being brought up by my brilliant barrister daughter-in-law (retired for the moment) according to your 'The New Contented Little Baby Book' - and he is . No-one can believe how happy he is and yet she is following your suggestions about food and rest to the minute. Everyone is delighted.

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Just a note to thank you for helping me get my life back. Three weeks ago, having the time to write was not possible and now, after following your routines, my ten-week-old daughter is wonderful - happier, more alert and so is her mum! Should you want any details for your next book, I would be happy to tell you how she went from having very little sleep to the amount you suggest!

Thanks again.

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It is with pleasure that I recommend Gina Ford as maternity nurse. We employed Gina for four weeks during July/August 1998 following the birth of our first baby daughter. During this time we were extremely impressed by Gina's dedication and professionalism, and enjoyed her down to earth approach and warm sense of humour. Gina has devoted her life to the care of new-born babies and has perfected a routine over the years which not only ensures that the babies fall into a regular pattern of eating/sleeping/playing, but that the parents get night upon night of precious sleep – surely a win – win situation!

Although looking after a new baby is an extremely steep learning curve, it was great fun to be taught by Gina. The first few weeks after birth were very trying, as there is a constant battle between the demands of the baby and one's own physical tiredness. Gina kept my chin up at all times, her support and reserves of knowledge were inexhaustible and she kept everything in perspective – so that we had many laughs. She was extremely patient and encouraging when teaching my husband the rudiments of baby-care and also went to great lengths to give us time on our own in the evenings.

When I came home with my daughter after a week in hospital following a caesarian she had lost 10% of her birth-weight. Gina immediately focused upon building up my milk supply so that I could continue to feed my daughter – without her support I would probably have given up. Gina ensured that I had enough day-time rest and that my nights were undisturbed. Our daughter was established into the routine, which she took to like a duck to water. We received so many comments from friends and family about what a happy and contented baby she was, as she smiled from an early age and hardly ever cried. Our Daughter slept through the night from two and a half weeks, and has only woken twice since – both through illness.

Having establishes the routine Gina then made sure that we were prepared for alterations to it as our daughter became older. She left us clear notes on developments over the following six-nine months, including the best and most informative weaning instructions that I have seen. She also found time to provide extremely valuable advice and recommendations on hiring nannies and choosing schools, and on which buggies/highchairs/toys/books are best – drawing upon her experience. We have followed Gina's notes on the routine and weaning assiduously (supplemented by regular phone calls), and have been rewarded with an extremely happy baby who sleeps 7pm – 7am, who loves her food and who is still alert and giggling in the evening for her bath. This is extremely important to me, as I am at work during the day.

Employing Gina as our maternity nurse was one of the best investments that we have ever made. I was able to return to work after 11 weeks knowing that my baby was established in a routine in which she was happy and secure. We all sleep through the night, and I even have enough energy for a social life. I really cannot recommend Gina highly enough.

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Gina Ford was our maternity nurse for just over three weeks as unfortunately my baby daughter was born a week late. However, in such a very short time she helped us get our baby into a marvelous sleeping, eating and playing routine and consequently I am proud to say that we have a very happy, healthy baby who slept through the night at eight weeks old.

Gina’s routine makes total sense, it is not only marvelous for the parents who know exactly when their free time is, but I believe is is essential for our baby. She knows when her naps and feed times are, so she feels secure, and during her play times she is genuinely happy to play on her mat or in her cot without being over tired and whingey, like so many other babies I know who are often over-wrought as their days have not been structured properly.

It was both exceedingly useful and reassuring to have someone as competent and knowledgeable as Gina in our home so shortly after having given birth to our first baby. Like most mothers I was pretty unsure of even the simple matters concerning a newborn – for example, winding my baby, let alone more complex issues which need to be addressed such as cot death. Gina was very willing to pass on her tremendous knowledge, both verbally and in her very copious typed notes.

Gina was exceptionally kind to all of us – she even made pelmets for my daughter's nursery and she certainly made us laugh on many occasions. When Gina arrived, she said that she liked a challenge. Well, after four days in hospital, my daughter had very successfully got her days and nights totally back to front, so she kept Gina up most of the night with us, but the challenge did not last long, as by day two, our daughter was already successfully in Gina’s routine!

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Gina Ford came to work for us two weeks after the birth of our first son in July 1996.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Gina to anyone keen to get their baby into a routine; in the six weeks she was with us, Gina transformed our son into the happiest, ‘easiest’ baby, that we could have wished for.  Her knowledge and professionalism is astounding; she has answers to every question – and they really work.  Her commitment and devotion to the baby is marvellous; not only did we never have cause to question her abilities when she was with us, but she continues to take a genuine interest in how our son is now and is keen to offer advice to ensure that none of the good habits are broken!

We now have a baby that sleeps until 6 or 7 every morning and we are the envy of all our friends.  He goes down without a murmur at 7 in the evening – and we seem to have missed out the dreaded colic stage.  For all of this, we have only Gina to thank.

She is also fully up-to-date on the latest medical research and is keen to advise on best and safest methods for the baby.  She is happy to advise on equipment etc. and I can honestly say that listening to her, we will have saved ourselves a lot of money on useless ‘essentials’!

Finally, Gina has a tremendous sense of humour and is great company – what would have been a tiring and difficult time was in fact a highly enjoyable six weeks.

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Gina Ford came to us for two weeks when our third baby was nine weeks old.  At the time – after two unsuccessful maternity nurses – the baby could not be put down by day, had ‘colic’ all evening – screaming from 5 till midnight – and woke every two hours through the night.  Within two days, Gina had the baby feeding and sleeping to a routine, and smiling and playing on her mat for much of the time she was awake.  Nobody could believe it was the same baby!  She is now sleeping through the night every night from 7pm till 6.30am and we are confident that after five years of broken nights with our first two children, we have a baby who has learnt how to sleep through the night.

Gina is a true professional who has studied babies’ sleep rhythms and habits and is on top of all the latest research about cot death, weaning, feeding etc.  She is also a real pleasure to have in the house – with a marvellous, dry sense of humour and helpful advice on anything from nannies to toddler tantrums.  She even ‘whitened’ all our greying whites.

We cannot recommend Gina highly enough – anyone who employs her will be very lucky to have her.  We only wish we had found her when our first two children were born! 

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I cannot recommend Gina highly enough.  She is a consummate professional, who is not only extremely experienced but has educated herself on all aspects of infant care.  She therefore brings so much more to the job than the average ‘baby holder’.  When you hire Gina, you are hiring a support system that sees you through the first year.  Gina has looked after over 200 babies, she knows about sleep patterns, allergies and nutrition.  Her schedules are invaluable.  They require a certain amount of discipline to follow, but the result is a happy baby who sleeps at night.

On a personal level, Gina was extremely affectionate with our daughter.  She has a wonderful sense of humour and got along well with our whole family.  She is also experienced enough to know how to slip away at the right times.  She is generous and thoughtful.  Our four-year-old son thinks she is fabulous.  In fact, we all think she is great.

If you are looking for a maternity nurse, who will put structure into your day so that you know when to feed and when to put your baby down for a nap; a maternity nurse who will allow you to sleep at night and leave you with a happy baby long after she is gone – Gina Ford is for you.

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Gina Ford came to work for us for a period of nine weeks when our son was five days old.  Gina is a first-class maternity nurse and an invaluable asset to any household.

Due to a difficult labour, I was greatly relieved to have Gina help care for the baby while I slowly regained my strength and learned more about the life of a newborn.  She conducts her work in a very capable and confident manner.  The nursery was always in impeccable order and more importantly she was extremely loving and nurturing to our son.  She helped me to build up my milk supply when I was breastfeeding and alternatively to reduce it when I chose to stop and to successfully transfer the feeds to bottles.  One of Gina's greatest talents is the ability to get a baby into a brilliant sleeping and feeding routine.  By four weeks, our son was sleeping through the night and at six weeks he was usually through until 7am.  In addition he is a calm and content baby who cries very little and I am convinced that this is due in part to his well-structured routine.

Gina is a wealth of information which is crucial for any mother.  She is up-to-date on all the recent babycare studies in addition to bringing to her job her vast experience over the years.  She has a wonderful sense of humour.  She is very discreet when working with a family and respects the privacy of that household.  There was a mutual respect for one another’s space and Gina fits in very smoothly.  Gina also made sure that our son’s first clothes were beautifully packed away, lying in wait for the next child or grandchild, and that our kitchen was also well stocked for his first foray into fresh solids.  She has also left us helpful charts to consult, when needed, to help guide us through this first year.

Gina is passionate about what she does and that is why she does it so well and is regarded as one of the very best in her field.  If you are diligent and have faith in the routine, then you will certainly have a well-rested, happy and well-fed baby for years to come.  My husband and I can give her only the highest recommendation and our happy baby is proof of her loving care and deserved success.

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Gina came to us after we had a disastrous experience with a maternity nurse who nearly killed my daughter.  I was in a terrible muddle but, with Gina’s help, our daughter was soon in a beautiful routine, happy and content.  She was sleeping through the night at five weeks, feeding properly and having proper naps during the day – all thanks to Gina.  There is very little Gina doesn’t know about babies, she is a mine of information which I would advise you to use while Gina is with you.  She keeps you up to date with the latest research on feeding, sleep patterns and child health care.  Apart from Gina's professional expertise, she has such a lovely way with babies, she cares for them as if they were her own, she is kind and caring about you as well, and always makes sure you have a proper rest.

Gina is an absolute gem and if you are lucky enough to acquire her services, I truly believe you could not have given your baby a better start in life.

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Gina came to maternity nurse for our first baby boy, who was born in November at 8lbs 9ozs.  As I was going back to work at the beginning of March, our priorities were to get our son into a routine, have him sleeping through as much of the night as possible and ensuring he was properly fed.  All of which may sound obvious but as first-time parents, we did not really have a clue how to achieve this.

Gina had arrived when our son had lost just over 10% of his birth weight (relatively normal).  Her first priority was to get him back to his birth weight.  She quickly realised I wasn’t producing sufficient milk to feed a very hungry baby.  The hospital didn’t give me any advice on the fact that I had a large, hungry baby who might need supplementary food.  Gina helped me establish a routine of expressing milk to try and stimulate my own production and supplementing our son with formula.  Once his birth weight was regained, the business of a routine could be started properly.  Gina helped us understand the feeding and sleeping patterns of small babies – how much food they need for their weight, how often they should be fed and how long they can stay awake.  It is hard work to start with, there is so much to learn but Gina gives you advice on how to put a baby to sleep, how long to let it whinge, when it’s crying because it’s hungry and when it’s overtired.  These are all things that the NCT et al never focus much on, but are so important.

To get the most out of Gina, we believe you as parents must want a routine.  That is hard to begin with, but the rewards are immense because you have guidelines that do become more flexible once the child grows, but you know how much sleep he needs during the day and how much food.

We now have a hugely contented 16lb little boy who sleeps from 7pm to 7am with one feed at 10.30pm.  This allows us to have our evenings free.  We are thrilled with his progress and how happy he is.  Although we’d like to think it was all down to him and his laid-back parents, it was very much due to Gina’s help and routine in the first weeks that we believe made us more relaxed and understanding of our son’s needs.

We couldn’t be more grateful and hope that if we have a second child, Gina will come and help us again.

Finally, our nanny, who has over 10 years experience, having seen the benefits of Gina’s routine, is 100% committed to maintaining it as it makes her life easy and gives her a happy little boy during the day and to baby-sit for.  This gives us huge peace of mind when at work.

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Having had two babies without the help of a maternity nurse, I thought I could manage perfectly well a third time.  How wrong I was!  By week three, I was exhausted as our son refused to sleep at night, keeping me up for four hours at a stretch.

This is when Gina Ford came to the rescue.  We had a long talk and she explained how her ‘schedule’ worked.  She insisted that I had to be firm so that our son could be put on a more civilised pattern.

During her short stay with us, she managed to get our little boy to bed by 7pm (something we never did with the other two who seemed to grace our supper table every night).  He was woken up for a feed at 10.30pm and would wake up (for increasingly briefer periods) at about 4am for the next feed.  Our son has slept through the night from week ten (i.e. from 6.45pm to 7am every night).  He has only woken up a couple of times because of illness.  He is now nearly seven months old.

It is astonishing how, after two babies, there are things you can learn, especially with Gina as she has many more years’ experience than I have.  Our son, for example, did not like having a bath and always cried.  Gina could not believe this and, after she bathed him herself for the first time, he has never cried since in the bath.  As she pointed put, perhaps it was the way I was holding him in the bath.

Gina is a very private person who gave my husband and me (and insisted on it) time to ourselves.  She is also very keen to discuss any problem about the baby or how the baby relates to his siblings.  If we ever had another child, we most definitely would have a maternity nurse, and if Gina were around at the time, it would most certainly be her.

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Gina Ford worked for us as a maternity nurse for four weeks, a few days after my son was born.  She was a true professional and very knowledgeable in her field.  Being a first-time mother, I learned a great deal in looking after a baby from Gina; she has so many tricks and short cuts up her sleeve!

She is well read and advised me well in many areas, notably breastfeeding, feeding and sleeping patterns as well as introducing solids.

Most importantly, she put my son in her routine, as a result of which he started to sleep through the night when he was seven weeks old.  He is now six months old and is still happily sleeping through the night.  He is a very content baby, which I attribute to the fact that he is in Gina’s routine.

I cannot recommend Gina highly enough, as she is a real gem!  

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My husband and I employed Gina Ford to give advice and guidance to us on establishing routines and feeding patterns for both our children.

We found Gina to be an extremely efficient and knowledgeable lady.  Gina gave advice on establishing balanced and healthy eating patterns for both the children.  Unlike some of my friends’ babies, my children have enjoyed a well-balanced diet from an early age, and Gina ensured that, as soon as they were able to eat them, their diets contained fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.  Although like any normal children they do enjoy some ‘junk’ food their preference (thanks to Gina) is for healthier options.

Gina instilled in us the importance of the children having well-balanced diets.  She took great care to ensure that we would understand exactly what food it was necessary for the children to eat in order for them to receive all the vitamins young growing children require.

Gina was extremely patient and tolerant with the children, who did not always want to eat or drink what Gina knew was best for them but also with us because we had to be educated on what foods were nutritionally best for them.

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I employed Gina Ford for two weeks in September 1990 as a maternity nurse.  My daughter was then three weeks old and was having sleeping and feeding problems, waking up almost every hour at night, and I could not cope, being extremely tired.

Within days, Gina settled my daughter into a sensible feeding and sleeping routine; by the end of Gina’s first week with us, my daughter was only waking up once at night, usually at 4am, and when Gina left she was sleeping through the night.  I think my daughter was actually quite happy to settle into a proper routine at the time as she was exhausting herself by waking up and crying so much.  She is now almost 14 months and has continued sleeping through the night since Gina left and is a very happy and content toddler.

Gina is a very nice person to have at home; she is sensible and kind-hearted, a real professional who loves her job and knows very well the needs and habits of ‘her babies’; Gina was also very clever insofar as the routine she organised for my daughter was ‘tailor-made’ to fit in with the time-table of my son who was then four years old.

I would not hesitate to warmly recommend Gina.

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We were wonderfully lucky to have Gina between two booked maternity jobs in May 1997 for the first time.  My son was eight weeks old and every new mum’s nightmare:  feeding every two hours, napping ten minutes here and there, etc.  Although he seemed happy, I was exhausted.  Gina could only stay ten days, but did wonders.  His day routine was perfect after three days and by the time she left, he was going from 10.30pm all the way to 6.30am.  Then I knew I would not have anyone else looking after my children from birth.  When I knew I was expecting I phoned her straight away.  She arrived on December 20th 1998 and stayed with us until March 1999.  Although she was going through difficult times and writing a book, her commitment and professionalism didn’t suffer.  Gina has the highest standards of hygiene, organisation and love for children.  With Gina at home, it was more than having a professional for a specific job; putting the baby into a very good routine and giving you the pleasure of free evenings and quiet nights was only a bonus. 

First, Gina has a tremendous amount of love to offer.  She was as genuinely caring for our daughter as she was for our son 18 months ago.  She made them happy and playful.  There aren’t many people I would leave my children with and Gina is one of them.  I actually did leave her for one week with the two.

Then there was an incredible source of information.  On top of her valuable experience she regularly reads publications on childcare and health.  She explains rationally the reasons for her routine.  She knows about babies’ skin problems, development, educational toys etc.  She helped in choosing pieces of nursery furniture  and pushchairs.  She has a very aesthetic eye and made the nursery look its best.  In a word, anything that is related to the baby’s world, she can deal with and to the highest standards.  The nursery would always be tidy and perfect.

Gina was not just here to help with the baby.  She was here for me when I needed to hire a nanny, she chased agencies every day for me, carrying out interviews and quickly spotting the suitable applicants with her sharp judgment.

It was nice having Gina around.  She has a very good sense of humour and we had a few giggles.  But she knows how to make herself scarce when family or friends come to visit.  We found Gina’s respect for our privacy one of her qualities, as she stayed with us three months.  Our children are still under her routine and I know I can phone Gina if I am worried about the children or for nutritional advice.

Gina is very special and I am happy that our lives crossed, not just for the well-being of my children.

I wish her all the luck in the future.

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Gina worked for us when our baby boy was three days old until he was six weeks.  She lived with us and cared for him 24 hours a day.

She was an absolute delight to have in the house and fitted in so well.  Her care and attention of our son was excellent and she did her job superbly.

Our son had a reflux diagnosis and was quite unsettled, but Gina made the diagnosis and we were able to get him the medical care that he so badly needed.  (We had visited two doctors who had given us wrong advice and if it wasn’t for Gina and her advice on a pediatrician, he would have become very sick).  She managed in five weeks to have him in a perfect routine and sleeping through the night.

I can not recommend Gina enough and her skills and knowledge of maternity work were incredible.

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Gina came recommended to us from another mother of twins when our girls were six months old.  They had been waking two and three times in the night expecting (and getting) another feed.  I had been breastfeeding both and with less than two to three hours solid sleep at a time.  My husband and I were exhausted.  All the advice, while well meaning, kept saying ‘it will get easier!’ and ‘they will settle into a pattern of sleeping through the night soon.’  Even with some help during the day, we felt we were just surviving the girls and we didn’t have the energy to enjoy them.  Clearly, we needed help to have the girls settle into a pattern.

Gina stayed with us five days and when she left the girls were sleeping from 7pm to 7am.  This pattern has continued since very successfully.  After six months of breastfeeding, I was also ready to wean the girls.  This challenged Gina again as one of our girls refused to feed from a bottle.  With intuition, experience and gentle persistence, she succeeded in bottlefeeding both and worked out a schedule which allowed me to tailor off breastfeeding gradually.  She prepared weeks of meals for the girls and made further suggestions for menus.

My husband and I were impressed with Gina’s intuitive approach and confident manner.  Rather then impose a strict regime, she observed, made suggestions and won our support with her explanations and successes.  She was prepared to respect our wishes and adapt her methods to suit our needs within the limits of her experience.

Gina was very loving with the girls and they responded well to her.  She was very perceptive and quickly observed and respected their different characters and personalities and made helpful suggestions for their development.

She made the most of the limited and cramped space in our one-bedroom flat, improving the arrangement of the twins’ cots and their play area.  She also left us with a schedule which, after a month of testing, proves to be practical and manageable.  She has taught us to read their moods and get the timing right within their daily routine.  The girls are well rested, well fed and a joy to be with.  We all have benefited from the uninterrupted sleep.  Our day now has enough structure to fully enjoy our time with the girls and time for ourselves.

Her success has, most importantly, given us the confidence to be firm when necessary, knowing that we will all continue to reap the benefits.

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We have just had Gina Ford back to look after our second baby.  She had already managed to get our first child into a wonderful routine two years ago and has worked her magic once again.

I believe they were both quite a challenge in their own ways.

Our first baby was already two months old when Gina came to us and a very difficult baby to settle.  Within no time, she had sorted out the problems, got her on a four-hourly routine and sleeping through the night.  There was no doubt in our minds that should we have any more children, Gina would be the first and only acceptable maternity nurse.

Our second baby was under a week old when Gina came back.  He was a determined crier but Gina persevered and her patience and professionalism won through in the end.  Since she left, four weeks later, he has slept 12 hours through the night.

The only problem is that she makes herself so invaluable, that it’s very difficult to let her go.  She is extremely efficient, very discreet and looks after mother as well as she does baby.

We recently went away and left both our children with her for a weekend – something we would never do with anybody else.

To conclude, we can't praise her highly enough and would recommend Gina Ford to anybody, as babies positively thrive on her tender, loving care.

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Gina came to stay with us (November 1990) when our younger daughter was six months old.  She had been waking every three to four hours through the night.  She would scream when being given solids at mealtimes, and in addition she drank very little milk.  Our daughter had been admitted to hospital at five months because of her sleeping and feeding problems.  There was nothing physically wrong with her, but the spell in hospital did not solve these problems.

When Gina came to us, it was immediately apparent that she had all the experience needed to know what to do.  She transformed our daughter and, after four full days and nights, had sorted her out, so that she slept for twelve hours a night and fed much better.  Gina then stayed for a further two weeks in order to consolidate her achievements.

Throughout Gina’s stay, we were impressed by her constant commitment, experience, patience and continual self-initiated efforts to assist and help.  In the latter respect, this included cooking a variety of second-stage meals for the freezer, sorting out the nursery and washing the full contents of our daughter’s wardrobe, and helping to potty train our two year old.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Gina, and would ourselves want to employ her again in the future should the need arise.

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Gina Ford worked for me as maternity nurse to my second child for six weeks.  She is one of the rare people who has a natural understanding of and affinity with babies, combined with a sound theoretical grasp of sleep patterns and feeding requirements, based on extensive experience.

She applied these skills to ensure that my daughter quickly improved her sleeping at night, rationalised her feeding timetable and was generally happier and more content during the day.

Gina soon made sure that she was into a routine which fitted in with the daily schedule of the rest of the family.  This was so well planned that we have easily managed to maintain it, making all our lives easier.

I would add that, whilst Gina was always clear as to what we needed to do to achieve our objectives for our baby, our daughter never lacked for affection and love.  As she was born prematurely and spent several weeks in hospital, I had been particularly concerned about this aspect of having a maternity nurse and Gina’s approach quickly allayed my fears.

I do not hesitate to give Gina the highest recommendation.

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It is with great pleasure and absolutely no reservation that I recommend Gina Ford as a maternity nurse.  At the risk of sounding effusive, I frequently count my blessings that Gina came into our lives!

Gina knows what she is doing.  She has heaps of experience and any mother would be lucky to get her.  Her sound judgment, humour, knowledge and care gave me confidence that my son was being well looked after.  I was amazed at how quickly we all settled into a sane routine (as much as it is possible).  Gina stayed with us five weeks and by week four she had our son sleeping through the night.  (He is five months now and has not faltered even one night).  Gina cannot make those kind of promises for your baby (perhaps our son is a wonder child), but she knows so much about the strange ways of babies and their crazy body rhythms that she will get things moving in the right direction.

Gina was also very supportive of me.  Breastfeeding is a tiring and demanding enterprise.  Gina did what she could to get me to rest, eat properly, drink fluids, stay calm etc.  She was also able to judge my need and desire to spend lots of time with my son.  She did not attempt to take over completely, although I am sure if I had wanted her to, she would have done so.  Gina also had the diplomatic aplomb to maintain excellent rapport with my mother, who was staying with us from abroad.  (My son is a first grandchild so advice was plentiful!)

Still now, I call on Gina for her advice.  She has counselled us through weaning and I literally pray that when child number two comes along Gina will be available for a repeat performance.

I do not hesitate to recommend Gina Ford.

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Gina Ford came to us on March 1st 1994, when our baby daughter was four weeks old.  At this point, she was waking every two hours during the night, and was very unsettled during the day, refusing to sit in her baby chair for more than a few minutes at a time, before crying to be picked up.  She was also a difficult feeder, and had to be coaxed to take a full feed at one go.

Gina arrived late at night, and immediately took over the care of our daughter, much to the relief of both myself and my exhausted husband.  Within a short time, Gina had established a sensible routine, which involved bedtime at 7pm, and night feeds only at 10pm and 6am.  She also gently encouraged our daughter to sit for longer periods in her baby chair, without crying.  With the introduction of a workable routine, our daughter began to go for longer periods between feeds, and to subsequently take a full feed.

All of the above was achieved in a calm and happy atmosphere, during which Gina’s endless tact and patience, and marvellous sense of humour never failed.

Gina also showed great patience with our three-year-old daughter, ensuring that she never felt left out.

By the time Gina left us, after four weeks, our previously unhappy baby was settling happily to bed at 7pm, and was sleeping through the night.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gina to other parents.  We would definitely ask Gina to work for us again, should we embark on parenthood a third time.

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Gina Ford came to us for 2 ½ weeks to sort out my ‘sleep problem’ baby, and certainly did the trick.  Gina’s routine now has my son sleeping 12 hours a night and 3 ½ hours a day, and he is a happy and contented baby when he is awake and goes off to sleep without any fuss.  A miracle after five months of all-day grizzling and waking 3/4/5 times a night! 

I had totally lost my confidence, as well as being exhausted by trying to cope with my demanding baby and my two-year-old daughter, and Gina really had to retrain me as well as my son and restore a sense of proportion and some boundaries. 

Her sense of humour was a great boost to my spirits, and I really enjoyed having her around.  I had a great holiday while she was here.  I was halfway through weaning my son when Gina came (from breast to bottle) and she taught me all about bottle feeding and about weaning on to solids.  She also sorted out my son’s wardrobe and generally swept away the cobwebs wherever she went in our lives. 

Order now reigns and we are all much happier for it.  If only she had come as my son’s maternity nurse!

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Gina Ford worked as maternity nurse for my newborn baby girl for two weeks in May 1991.  When I met Gina, I knew that she would be different from all of the other interviewees in that she came across as a true professional.  Gina's main concern is the happiness and well-being of the baby, and she works very hard to teach new parents the fundamentals of baby care.  I would have booked Gina for longer if I had fully understood all that a good maternity nurse can do to get a baby and parents off to a good start.  Nevertheless, Gina frequently called me after her departure to monitor my baby's sleeping and eating schedules and to provide me with advice.

My baby has consistently slept until 7pm to 7:30am after her 10:30pm feed from the age of seven weeks which makes being a good, happy parent during the day much easier.  I believe that her good sleeping habits are largely the result of Gina's work and advice.  In addition, there was very little trauma or unhappiness in achieving these good sleeping habits.  We have a very happy baby and are much wiser parents due to Gina’s assistance.

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My wife spent almost three weeks in hospital following the birth of our daughter.  This resulted in an incoherent pattern for the baby’s sleeping  and feeding – a situation not helped by an inexperienced nanny with us at the time.

Luckily all was made right by the fortuitous arrival of Gina Ford.  She was a god-send.

Showing all her twenty years experience, Gina used a blend of determination, explanation and good old-fashioned common sense to establish a routine which suits both our daughter and us. 

To have our happy child sleep through the night has made ‘Gina’s routine’ the envy of our friends.

Further, Gina has a warm personality and is aware of the parental needs along with those of the child.  Her good-humoured character and friendly no-nonsense approach made her both an ideal advisor and good companion to us.

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Gina Ford was employed by me from June to August 1988.  Her position was live-in, sole-charge nanny for my twin daughters.  She was with us during a critical period of their development, i.e. two to four months old.

I found her to be a thoroughly professional nanny.  She established a working routine for the babies so that the picture of the ‘exhausted mother/chaotic household’ which one may expect with twins simply did not arise for us during the time she was with us.

She was loving and caring towards the children without undermining my own relationship with them.  She was an interesting person to have living in the house without ever intruding on our privacy.

We shall always be grateful to Gina for setting our babies off on the right track.

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Gina Ford is rightly regarded as one of the top, most experienced maternity nurses in the UK.  She has been to us twice – once for 8 weeks in September 1995 for our son, and once for almost 6 weeks in August 1997 for our daughter.

Gina is a professional.  She sets very high standards for herself and for her mothers, and meets them.  She is very loving with her babies, recognises and understands their changing needs and moods and ensures that they are entirely well cared for.  Her routine is strict and demanding at first but results in children who eat and sleep well which makes for a happy household.  She is a mine of knowledge on all aspects of baby and toddler care, obviously sleep but weaning, hygiene, safety, allergies etc and her many tips have proved invaluable to me.  Her advice, kindness and good humour made the early days of motherhood more manageable and she leaves her mothers confident in their ability to look after their baby – something which much seemed impossible before Gina’s arrival.

Suffice to say, I have a four month old who has had problems with reflux – recognised by Gina long before the doctors tested for it – who, despite this sleeps well and a two year old who is happy and has always eaten and slept well.  I regard Gina’s routine as being fundamental to their well being.  If you want order and routine, there is no one better than Gina, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

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Gina Ford is an expert with twenty years’ professional experience, (a lot more than the authors of most baby books) who both loves and understands new-born babies.  She will also help, guide and support new parents into their new roles.  With her expertise, she will also deal with any problems that might arise during the maternity period allowing the mother (and father) time to recover from the birth in the knowledge that their child is in safe hands.

Our son now sleeps through out the night and is a happy, alert child during the day, which as much as I would like to believe that it's because he is our son I rather suspect the Miss Ford is responsible.  I would highly recommend Miss Ford.

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Thank you, Gina!

Gina Ford is absolutely wonderful.  She came to us when we were having terrible problems with our six-week-old son.  He wouldn’t sleep in the daytime, always wanted to be fed and was up every 1 ½ hours in the night, we were a pair of wrecks and just couldn’t cope anymore.

Gina arrived and within three days had our son sleeping well, feeding four hourly and only waking up once in the night.  He now sleeps through the night at fifteen weeks – again, thanks to Gina's advice which I followed through after she left us.

She is a very caring person who loves her babies and has a wonderful way with them.  Our son adored her.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gina as a maternity nurse / nanny and we will most certainly use her again when we have another baby.

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Gina Ford worked for me as a maternity nurse to my newborn son for five weeks.

Before Gina came to me, I did not understand fully how invaluable she would turn out to be – to both myself and my son.

In regards to myself, because Gina took over all the night feeds – I was able to recover quickly and soon started to feel like a normal human being again.  Breastfeeding also turned out to be a great success – again due to Gina's help and constant support.

With regards to my son, he started sleeping through the night at five weeks.  He is an extremely happy and content baby which I put down to ‘Gina's routine’.

I certainly could not have coped so successfully without her and only hope she is still a maternity nurse when I have my second baby.

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My son was 9lb 1oz when he was born (2lbs bigger than his sister) and was very unsettled from day one.

He wanted to feed all the time and stayed awake almost all night.  I was in a terrible state: all the baby books say feed on demand and pick the baby up when it cries and yet, with a toddler to look after as well as my newborn, I was at the point of exhaustion.  At five weeks, I gave up breastfeeding him and at seven weeks he was drinking in excess of 40oz of milk a day and getting very fat, which concerned me.

On the first night that Gina came, my son went through the night (11:30pm – 6am) without a feed, and from then on we didn’t look back.  Within a few days, he was in a wonderful routine and we were getting a night’s sleep.

Suddenly my son became a delightfully smiley baby.  He is now twenty-one weeks and has slept through the night with a 10:30pm feed ever since.

I cannot recommend Gina too highly.  We were very uncertain about a stranger in our house but she put us totally at our ease.  She was in no way intrusive but was always on hand to give advice and support.

I only wish we had had her for our little girl and boy from the start.

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Gina Ford was employed by us to look after my second daughter for six weeks after her birth.

Gina did a wonderful job, keeping our daughter happy and smiling all the time and getting her into such a good routine that she slept through the night before she was six weeks old (and has continued to do so ever since).

Gina far exceeded her duties, spending several hours cooking for my elder daughter, helping to teach her to dress, potty-train and generally make sure she did not feel left out on the arrival of her sister.  Indeed, Gina even came back and looked after both alone for two weeks.

I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who wants a totally professional, most competent and very easy person to have around the house.

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Following the birth of my son, a colleague of mine put me in touch with Gina Ford which resulted in a consultation with her.  My son was born weighing only 4lb 11oz and needed feeding very often.  Following communication with Gina, we managed to lengthen the time between feeds and adopted her feeding and sleeping routines, aided by a three-day visit from Gina during which my son began to sleep through the night.

On discovering my second pregnancy, we booked Gina immediately as a maternity nurse.  My daughter was born weighing 5lb 4oz and Gina was with us for four weeks, by the end of which my daughter, aged eight weeks, slept through the night.  Unfortunately, my daughter experienced an incident when she stopped breathing and had to spend a week in hospital during which the routine was severely disrupted.  Gina was able to spend an additional three weeks with us and put my daughter back on track.

During the past two years, since we first made contact with Gina, she has been an invaluable source of information on feeding, sleeping, weaning and general baby information, e.g. advice on potty training for my son now aged two and a quarter years.

I would highly recommend her as a maternity nurse.  She is thoroughly professional, excellent at her job, has a ‘wicked’ sense of humour and was a delight to have in our home.

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Gina came to sort out our son after we had endured three weeks of misery post-maternity ward.  Although he was not our first, we were not prepared for the lack of sleep and the (mistaken) constant feeding and attention.  Gina immediately set about putting our son into a routine as well as organising his parents. 

Her no-nonsense approach made us realise that we has really got it wrong with our first child as well.  Within no time at all, she had our son sleeping for a good seven to eight hours, and shortly after he was sleeping through the night. 

For good measure, she not only potty trained our two-year-old daughter, but got her to go to bed without fuss at seven every evening and be contented to do so.  This contrasts to a previously very vocal two year old who would insist on watching the nine o’clock news with her parents every night!  This was not in her job brief but was volunteered which typifies Gina’s generosity and good heartedness.

Gina has a genuine affection for the children she is with and cannot be recommended too highly.

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Dear Gina

I do not know how to adequately express our thanks to you for ‘sorting out’ our darling daughter.  Needless to say we are so grateful for all your efforts, help and advice in turning our cute but difficult baby into a cute and delightful daughter, and we are equally grateful for the additional ‘tips’ you gave us regarding our other beautiful daughter.

I personally owe you a debt of gratitude for offering such tremendous support and guidance to my wife, who, as you know better than anybody, was trying to cope almost single handed with ‘one of your more difficult cases’.

Looking forward, we do not expect a bed of roses, but my wife and I both know the routine, and that it does work when practiced.  I am sure we will be calling you for more advice and help on the way, and I do hope that you will keep in touch.  You know that you will always be welcome in our home.

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Dear Gina

Well, what can I say… thanks to your help, expertise and sense of fun (not to mention just a soupcon of much-needed bossiness) I have enjoyed every moment of my first two months of motherhood.

My daughter absolutely adores you and is a thriving, beautiful baby who giggles with contentment and already sleeps through the night.  As for me, I have never felt better but more importantly, from a knowledge base of zero, now feel well prepared for my role as a mother.  My daughter and I couldn't have had a better start to our new life together.

We’re both going to miss you but hope you’ll be back soon to see that we’re behaving ourselves and sticking to the schedule (as if you had any doubts!).

Thanks again for your invaluable contribution to these wonderful few weeks.

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Gina Ford has worked for me for just over four months.  She arrived when my son was one week old.

I cannot speak too highly of her.  She has shown enormous love, care and dedication towards my son, not to mention unending patience.

Gina’s widespread professional experience was very valuable and filled me with great confidence.  I now have a model baby who sleeps from 7pm until 7:30am every night and is happy and relaxed during the day.

I must say that Gina is a pleasure to have around the home and is not in any way intrusive.

She has organised and run three nurseries around the world.  She also gave me invaluable help and advice when I restructured the domestic situations in those houses.

I would unreservedly recommend her to any future employer.  My son could not have had a better start in life.

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I would like to highly recommend Gina Ford as a maternity nurse.

My three-month-old daughter was having sleeping problems (waking up at least four times a night) and driving the family slightly mad.  I was told that Gina specialised in sorting out difficult problems and she really lived up to her recommendation.  Within four days my daughter was sleeping from 7pm to 7am.  Gina worked hard to establish an excellent day-time schedule, always mindful of the family's needs and those of my elder daughter.

Gina was also unique in wanting to share her many years of knowledge with our present nanny and undertook her training in a very tactful way.  Although Gina was firm, she was also immensely loving to my daughter, who broke out in broad smiles every time she heard her voice.  Gina is a voracious reader and probably has more knowledge in practical child-care than all the published experts.

I would highly recommend Gina to any working mother wanting to feel that her baby is happy and settled into a routine.

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Gina Ford came to work for us in January of this year.  I had been seriously ill throughout my pregnancy, followed by a Caesarean, so I was exhausted, quite weak and needed considerable help.  I was also an older mother of 43 with my first baby, and knew very little about babies or practical parenting, so both my husband and I felt a maternity nurse would be worth having.

We had no idea just how true that was until Gina arrived.

Gina is extremely experienced, having worked for nearly 20 years with over 200 babies.  She has a strong routine for all babies (individually tailored to different needs of baby and parents of course), based on sleeping and feeding times, and is very knowledgeable about the natural sleep patterns and body rhythms.  She is constantly updating her knowledge with all the latest research, and usually arrives with a library of books and helpful material about babies and parenting, which can be very informative for the new parents if they wish to know more.  She also leaves you with information for the first year of the baby’s life.

She is extremely hard working and very conscientious.  Nothing is too much trouble and she devotes herself whole heartedly to the welfare of baby and mother.  She lavishes a lot of affection on the baby and enjoys being as involved as possible.

Gina taught us so much, and our little boy has much to be grateful for, as we do.  She soon settled the household into a sensible routine, so we all soon knew exactly where we were each day in coping with the new baby and the changes in our own lives.

Our son is a very happy and well adjusted baby, feeds well and is generally a true joy, as close to a perfect baby as we could possibly hope for.  He sleeps wonderfully due to Gina’s routine of bedtimes.  He has slept throughout the night for 7.00pm to 7.00am for a long time now, and his regular morning and lunchtime sleeps are just as good.

I firmly believe that had it not been for Gina’s methods, care and attention both to our son and us, we would not have such a happy baby.

Gina respects your privacy and is never intrusive, a difficult thing to be when living in someone else's house during such an emotional time.  She is supportive and understanding with a strong sense of humour, and is extremely good fun to have around.

We can’t recommend her highly enough to any prospective parents.  We found her invaluable, and I have much to thank her for – setting us on the right path to understanding our baby’s needs and being confident parents, as well as giving our son the best start in life he could get.

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Gina Ford came to work for us after the birth of our first baby is July 1996.  She stayed with us for six weeks and during that time she managed to get our son into a fantastic routine; by the time she left, he no longer had a night feed and we would put him down at 7:00pm, wake him at 10:30pm for his feed and he would sleep until 6:30-7:00am.  We stuck rigidly to Gina’s routine when she left and it was only another two weeks or so until he slept regularly until 7:00am. When he was 16 weeks, we dropped the 10:30pm feed and he would then sleep through from 7pm to 7am.  From that moment until this our son has slept a full 12 hours every single night (even though teething, coughs and colds).  And because he has had such a good night’s sleep, he is happy and cheerful during the day.

Gina was also extremely helpful in providing information and advice on weaning – and as a result our son has never been a fussy eater and will gobble up almost anything.

When our second baby was born in August this year, we were determined to follow Gina’s notes to the letter once again – and although he is now only three months old, he already sleeps the full 12 hours from 7:00pm to 7:00am.  He is happy and cheerful during the day – we are still rigid about following Gina’s excellent advice on maximum sleep allowed and feed times etc – and he goes down smiling on the button of 7:00pm every night.  We cannot thank Gina enough for transforming what can be for many parents a difficult and exhausting time – into a truly happy and rewarding experience.

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Gina came to us in August 1995 for four weeks after the birth of my first child.

We had over the years observed friends and relations getting into a terrible pickle when their children were small: endless sleepless nights, children that wouldn’t feed etc.  I knew nothing about looking after a baby but I felt there had to be a better way.  So we had Gina to come and show us.

Gina understands babies.  She is well read and up to date on all the latest ideas and research but most of all she had a wealth of experience and common sense.  She has refined her system over the years and it works.  It suits babies who absolutely thrive on it.  Our daughter barely cried once in the first couple of months because all her needs were met before they worried her.  Apart from her skill, Gina has a wonderful way with babies.  I've heard about people who whisper to horses – I swear Gina does that to babies.

I wanted to breastfeed and thanks to Gina it worked beautifully. 

Gina is not the maternity nurse for everyone: if you want to breastfeed on demand, have your child sleep in your bedroom and generally follow the contemporary school of childcare, then you would probably be wasting your money.  If you are prepared to learn from Gina and make the effort to follow the routine in the first six weeks (when it is most restrictive as babies will automatically sleep in the car or pram) you will be repaid many times over.  My husband tells me at least once a week that having Gina was the best investment we ever made.

My friends tell me that it is not ‘normal’ for a baby to be as happy and well behaved as my daughter.  It certainly seems to be normal for ‘Gina’s babies’.

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I have wanted to write to you for some time now, to tell you how wonderful your book is and to thank you for saving my husband and my sanity. A friend handed me your book when our son was three weeks old. I was sitting crying and exhausted and wishing I had never become pregnant. My son was at the breast feeding almost constantly and screaming in between times. We were another victim of 'demand feeding' advice.  That day, our son didn't sleep for 12 hours and I was convinced there was something physically wrong with him.  We took him to the hospital. Of course there was nothing wrong, (except that he was overfed and poorly parented) so that very night at midnight we read your book and started your routines. The next day it was like we had been given a new baby! Now he is seven months old and is happy and contented. He sleeps so well I am the envy of all the mums in my playgroup! I hope the sales of your book are doing well in Australia, I am certainly helping by recommending it to all my friends having babies.

So, Miss Ford, thank you once again, I can't imagine what might have happened if I had not received your book when I did. I am a nurse but now I am thinking of doing Midwifery, so I can help prevent new mums from falling into the same traps I did.

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Thank you for your books. I am writing to share another success story of a happy 'Gina baby'. I am the mother of a 7 ½ month old baby girl. Since she was two weeks old I have been following your routines. Although she has only been sleeping through the night from 13 weeks, she now sleeps 12 hours a night and is a very happy little baby.

As you are probably aware, there is a significant backlash against the concept of routines for small babies, which has made it very difficult to even admit I was following your method, let alone stand up for them. However, we have persevered. Last month, I took my daughter to the US to spend Thanksgiving with her relatives. I was very apprehensive about the trip, from the plane journey to the uncertainty of taking her to a new place with many new people. I decided to follow your advice and try and put her in her routine in local time from Day 1. It worked brilliantly. She went down beautifully as soon as I put her in the travel cot, woke at 1am on the first night and 2am on the second night. Both times, she went back to sleep after having a drink and a little play, and from then on she slept for 12 or 13 hours every night. On our return, she again settled easily back into her routine within 3 days and was happy and contented throughout the trip.

The experience has really vindicated your routines, as well as our decision to follow them, even when it has made socialising impossible and when other new mums have been very dismissive of the whole concept or strict routines. Thank you for sharing your experiences and expertise. They have made out entry into the world of parenthood a calmer and more enjoyable process than we thought possible.

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I have been working for the last four years at Random House in London and had a copy of Contented Baby on my shelf at home throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of my baby boy in August. It was highly recommended to me from those people working in Ebury/Vermilion who had babies. However I only started really using it and following it two weeks ago. My son was exhausting me I was up almost every two hours during the night and the days were long and tough as I now realise that although he was feeding at regular intervals, I had no proper sleep structure or idea of a pattern to follow. Two weeks ago I had had enough of bad advice, and began following your routine to the letter.

I just really wanted to write and say that in only 2 days my life completely changed and my son was following the routines almost perfectly. Last night he slept through to 5am without waking (it seems to me nothing short of a miracle) and is lengthening his sleep time every night. I now have time for myself during the day, and love being a mother to my son who is a completely different sunny, good humoured baby.

You probably get a lot of mums writing to you with expressions of thanks; I wanted to add my thanks too because it is no exaggeration to say that our situation has been transformed by following your advice, and I wish I had used your routines from the beginning; it would have saved a lot of heartache and tears for everyone.

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