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Gina FordMy philosophy is simple: it's common sense. It’s based on several premises: first and most important the welfare of your precious baby. Then, your own health and peace of mind as parents – it’s no exaggeration to say that broken nights can turn the sanest of human beings into complete wrecks.  And finally, the happy life of the family which is always better when there is a contented little baby whose schedule integrates well into that of everyone in the family.

I’ve looked after over three hundred babies in the course of my career.  Babies come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments and I think I can safely say I’ve seen them all – and there isn’t one who, in my experience, hasn’t benefited from following my routine.  What I offer is real and practical advice on how to establish a good feeding and sleeping pattern from day one, so that you avoid months of sleepless nights, colic, excessive crying, feeding difficulties and many other problems that we are so often told are a normal part of parenting.

Routines teach you to recognise the difference between hunger and tiredness and how to listen to what your baby is really saying.  They are all about providing your baby with security and comfort, giving him what he wants before he needs to cry and demand it, and the result is a contented little baby who is likely to sleep the longest spell at night at around six to ten weeks.  You’ll also be able to claim a little time back for yourself, which will help you enjoy the experience of parenthood much, much more.  It has worked for hundreds of thousands of parents all over the world and it can work for you too – I promise.

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