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Fiona Hinton - Consultant Dietician and Nutritionist

Fiona Hinton BSc, MNutDiet, RD is a consultant Dietician and Nutritionist in Edinburgh, freelance writer and proud mum of baby Zander and toddler Xavier.

She spent her childhood in rural Australia and then moved between Australia, the US and the UK. As a dietician she has worked in Australia and the UK. Fiona is registered with the Health Professions Council as a dietician and is a member of both the British Dietetic Association and the Freelance Dieticians Group. She is co-author of The Omega-3 Advantage. Perhaps not surprisingly, her passions are her family, food and travel.

As a mum and dietician, Fiona appreciates the importance of a healthy diet in early life. She also knows how much misinformation parents and carers have to do battle with, and how difficult it can be to find sources of advice that can be trusted. She’s excited to be working with Gina Ford to translate nutritional guidelines for babies and toddlers into trustworthy and user-friendly advice based on real food and real life.


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