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Linda Russell

Linda Russell NNEB, RSH, HPST The Sleep Lady, specializing in children's sleep.

After more than 25 years working throughout the UK within the National Health Service and in education, Linda began to work privately with families in Edinburgh. She now works with families all over the world. Linda helps concerned parents with all aspects of parenting: new baby routines, faddy eaters, toilet training and temper tantrums . However her speciality is sleep.
Linda offers support to families on a face to face basis working in families homes, or by telephone and internet. For families in Edinburgh Linda also holds regular drop in clinics giving parents the chance to chat through some of the many challenges they face in brining up a family.
Linda contributes regularly to The Scotsman newspaper, Scotland Parent magazine, The Edinburgh Childcare and School Guide and has appeared on BBC Scotland TV and radio. Linda also contributes to Gina Ford's Contented Baby website.

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