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Vardit KohnVardit Kohn is a natural nutritionist, author, speaker, healthy cooking coach, company consultant and a give-it-your-all wife and mum of three.

Vardit was born in Israel, served in the army, travelled around the globe and worked as a marketing consultant in Europe before settling on the nutrition path that, together with her family, has become her life and joy. She is totally passionate about the subject of nutrition and health – you may be in for a long listen if you start her on that. She feels best as a guide and mentor, empowering people who want to take charge of their health and nutrition, and make a positive change to their life. She’d like to spread the word from every rooftop, so is obviously delighted to collaborate with Gina Ford.

Vardit published two natural cookery books and is a keen foodie, so no brown stodge for her. A seasoned public speaker, writer, health practitioner and natural cooking coach, she also acts as the expert nutritionist for leading UK websites and an independent consultant to the food industry. She lived for many years in London and now resides with her husband and three young daughters in the Netherlands. Her family is living proof that she practices what she preaches – to the word! – at home, and they all seem to be doing pretty well on it.

She holds a Diploma in Natural Nutrition from the College of Natural Nutrition in London, an MBA, and a BA in foreign languages.

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